If we can identify a student's processing strengths and preferences, we can make learning easier, more enjoyable, and ultimately more profitable for that student.

"Nancy is able to quickly understand her students and develop rapport with them. She knows how to motivate them to do their best without being intimidating or putting any additional pressure or stress on them. She has helped my children improve and develop greater confidence in their abilities."

~ Michelle G., ESD Parent

We recommend Nancy without hesitation because her broad knowledge about the SAT tests, her great coaching skills and her ability to motivate provided the extra dimension that enabled each of our four sons to gain admission to their top choice schools, Harvard, Princeton, Vanderbilt and Texas A & M. Nancy helped each of them set attainable goals, and working with her on a regular basis each of our sons raised their SAT scores significantly.

Not only was Nancy an invaluable help throughout the college application process, but at all ends of the spectrum Nancy helped our sons achieve a wide variety of goals, from admission to the Talent Identification Program at Duke University after 7th grade, to preparation and review of qualifying exams for successful admission to business school, medical school and schools of veterinary medicine.

~ Jane N., Cistercian, All Saints in Tyler, ESD parent

Nancy's willingness to address individual needs, like working on a particular section of a test, rather than taking a cookie cutter approach to all students.

~ A Hockaday Parent

Both of my daughters have worked with Nancy to prepare for both the SAT and the ACT, and both of their test scores improved significantly under her tutelage. She is knowledgeable and professional but not intimidating. My daughters appreciated her patience and her insights. I have recommend her to several other parents, including parents of children with learning differences, and all of them have had positive things to say about Nancy.

~ Greenhill, Lakehill Parent

I got a great score on my ACT that allowed me to get $25,000 in scholarship money at my top choice school - I couldn't have done it without you!

~ A Parish Episcopal Student

My daughters, one of whom is a high school senior so still going through the process, are both intelligent, hard-working students. Both, however, were anxious about the college entrance exams, and did not immediately score as well as they could have because of that anxiety. Nancy helped them understand how to take the test, practiced with them until they felt comfortable, and as a result both did much better on their scores. Thanks in great part to Nancy my first daughter was accepted at numerous colleges and universities, and I am confident my younger daughter will be as well.

~ Greenhill Parent

The number one reason I recommended you is because of your honesty. You do not take the approach that you can make a student score a perfect score or score unreasonably high for that particular student. I like your approach which is to analyze the student's practice test and see where they need help and teach them a correct way to answer the questions they got wrong. You are able to do this by some individual sessions, but your small quick prep classes are key to your success. Your classes are not drawn out for weeks and weeks.

~ Claudia C. Jesuit, Christ the King Parent

Ms. Whittington helped my son reach his goals by working with him by asking him what his goals were and then taking each lesson with a desire goal in mind.

~ A Jesuit parent

WOW...these scores were beyond what I thought was possible. Thank you for getting him on the right track. We will be back with the next child after the PSAT this fall.

~ An All Saints (Tyler) parent

You gave me a great strategy for increasing my score! Thanks for all your help!

~ An HPHS student