Collaborations that Create an Impact

As a consultant, Nancy Whittington assists parents, students and professionals in regard to a student's needs. Through lively and informative presentations or through individual consultation, problem-solving is facilitated. In the school setting, an increasing emphasis has been placed on educating a broad range of abilities in one classroom. Collaborating as part of a multi disciplinary team, Nancy Whittington provides indirect student services and support to teachers as a way of integrating all the information about a child in order to improve the quality of instruction in the classroom.

Following are selected presentations developed for parent and professional groups

  • Matching Cognitive Processing Strengths to Teaching Methods
  • Interpretation of the Woodcock Johnson III
  • Putting the Pieces of Learning Together
    • Cognitive Processing
    • Academic Skill Development
    • Learning Style
  • Ahead of the Curve: First Steps on the Road to College Admission
  • Customized topic specific for group needs